Extending Your Warranty – End Users Only

To buy extended warranty you must first register your product. You will have the option to extend your warranty at the end of the registration.
If you have not registered your product, please click below:

Product Registration and Extended warranty

Product already registered.

If you already registered your inverter and did not buy the extended warranty, you can do it anytime before the standard warranty expiry date.
To do this you need to log in with your END USER account using the button below and edit the registration details as illustrated.

Purchase additional warranty

Be sure to click “End User” underneath the password field.


I am an installer and would like to buy extended warranty.
Installers can buy inverters with extended warranty directly form the distributors.
Past this point you can help the End Customer with the Extended Warranty purchase steps if desired.

What if I have lost the purchase invoice/date of commissioning?
If the invoice is no longer obtainable, the warranty will be based on the inverter’s manufacturing date.

How long do I have before I cannot purchase an extended warranty?
You can only purchase an extended warranty if your original 5 year warranty has not elapsed.

How does Delta keep track of which RPI inverters are 5 or 10 year inverters?
Delta has a database with the serial numbers of RPI inverters sold under a 5 year warranty. You can check your inverter’s warranty here.