FAQ: CA Certificate Update

FAQ CA Certificate Update Procedure

-Remember to stand near the inverter

-Turn off your mobile data

Im trying to perform the CA update but it keeps asking me for a password?

The CA update app will automatically swap your Wi-Fi across to the inverter, please check to see if your phone has its Wi-Fi “auto-connect” switched ON. Please turn this OFF otherwise your phone will swap its Wi-Fi back to an internet connection automatically, disconnecting from the inverter. This will prevent the app’s connection to the inverter.

If the problem persists, please forget the network of the inverter on your smart phone and let the app try and connect by itself again.

If it still asks you for the password try your login password (the inverter Wi-Fi password will be the password of the account that commissioned the inverter).

If it is none of these, during installation the password may have been changed to something else, please speak to your installer what it may have been changed to.

After i performed the CA Update i can see a red light (Alarm) and green light (grid) flashing, what do i do?

Please leave the inverter for ~10mins to complete its internal configuration, if the inverter still shows the alarm and grid light flashing the inverter may need to reboot. Please follow the shutdown procedure sticker typically found near the inverter.

See the sticker below for the standard shutdown procedure of a Delta inverter.

Shut Down Procedure - Inverter Repairs & Replacement Svs.

Please now switch the inverter back on by reverse order of the shutdown procedure.

Wait ~10 minutes for the inverter to reboot, re-connect to the router and upload data.

Don’t hesitate to call the Delta inverter support team regarding any problems you are having on 03 8546 3080.