Delta Inverter Product Registration

Why register?

-Streamlined warranty support with your details on record

-Downloadable warranty certificate that starts from the date of installation rather than date of manufacture

-Remaining warranty period can be checked at any time on our warranty checker from the date of installation

(You do not need to register your inverter for a warranty claim, if you have an extended warranty or have registered your inverter a downloadable certificate will be available via the warranty checker HERE)

How to register your Delta Inverter? (END USER or INSTALLER) 

Go HERE to see the “SIGN UP WITH US” button for registration:









After clicking “SIGN UP WITH US” you will need to fill in your registration information (see image below).

In the “Email*” field please put the end users email as this will create a registration with their contact details.

Please remember to email your Certificate of Electrical Safety, Serial Number and Invoice (proof of purchase) to for verification (Email subject: Warranty Registration SN: XX).

Every Wednesday inverter registration submissions are verified and uploaded to the warranty checker.

After submitting this form, an email will be sent to the user (Email* field) to activate their account (the account does not need to be activated for the warranty registration to go through). This account can be used at any time for technical questions direct to our support team.


How many Inverters can I register at once for one customer?

For an individual customer if you have more than 3 on the same installation you have to email us the additional inverter information.

I’m a Solar Installer, how do I register Delta Inverters for my customer?

Follow the steps above titled “How to Register”, each submission should have the customers unique email (Email* field) and serial number(s). On the right is an image of the form required to be filled to complete registration. After submission wait till Wednesday to see the warranty certificate update.

The “Email*” field must be filled in with the customer email as this creates an account registration for them, they do not have to activate this account for the product registration to go through. The account can be used to contact the Delta support team directly for technical assistance.

If the customer has more than 3 inverters on the same installation please email the details to us so we can add in the rest of the registrations. 

What if I have lost the purchase invoice/date of commissioning?

If the invoice and or proof of installation date is no longer obtainable, the warranty will be based on the inverter’s manufacturing date.

How long do I have before I cannot purchase an extended warranty?
You can only purchase an extended warranty within 30 days of the installation date. (See extended warranty purchase HERE)

How does Delta keep track of which RPI inverters are 5 /10/15 year warranty?
Delta has a database with the serial numbers of RPI inverters. (See your inverter’s warranty HERE)


For any queries on your warranty registration please dont hesitate to call us on the support line 03 8546 3080 or email us at