E13: Slow Over Voltage Range

The E34: Slow Over Voltage error message is displayed when the utility voltage (grid) has exceeded the maximum value set by the country selection. Once the error comes up, the inverter will wait until the AC voltage goes below 253V to reconnect.

In some cases, this error is sporadic but occurs on the same days at the same time. It can depend on the power use behavior by the neighborhood. ( Example: If power consumption is less than normal, the AC voltage increases).
Solar systems saturation in the neighborhood can also cause a rise in AC voltage. (If your neighbors also have solar systems).

Why does it happen?
– The wrong country selection was chosen.
– For the Australia country selection, the utility voltage value is higher than the specified slow limit under regulation AS 4777.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check the utility voltage by scrolling down the inverter menu using the SEL button.
  2. If you have a monitoring system installed, please download the logs and check the AC voltage details.


  • If the utility voltage is less than 253V, please lodge a Replacement Request, please click here.
  • If the utility voltage is 253V or higher, it is an grid quality issue. To solve this you can:
    1: Contact your power supplier and inform them of the over-voltage scenario to get the grid voltage lowered at the transformer.
    2: The solar electrician can increase the AC over-voltage tolerance up to 258V (based on AS 4777) by following our guide on how to Adjust AC Voltage Levels.