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This inverter has the following features:

  • Integrated energy management system
  • Integrated charger controller and inverter
  • Single phase hybrid system

The operation is shown below.

Peak Cut Mode


This setting helps reduce peak demand and subsequent cost from the grid provider by discharging batteries at a predefined ‘peak level’. When the home load exceeds the ‘peak level’ (set by the installer), the battery will discharge to assist the home power usage. This allows the stored energy to be used at times of the day when savings are greatest.


Self-Consumption Mode

This setting is the standard mode for the Hybrid Inverter. In this mode, PV power is supplied in the following priority:

  1. Supply for the home load.
  2. Charge the battery until it is full.
  3. Feed-in the remaining power to the grid.

When there is no PV power, the battery will start to discharge and supply the home load until its empty.


Selling-First Mode

Selling first mode is a standard PV inverter mode combining with 6 time settings. Power generated by PV array will all feed in to home load and grid. If the user has set up the specific time settings, then the inverter will change its behavior in these time intervals.

Discharge First Mode

In this mode, the battery will not be charged anymore. All of the PV power is fed in to the home load and grid. The battery will discharge when there is no PV power until it is empty.

Without Battery Mode

If you don't have a battery connected into the system, or the battery is damaged you can put it into without battery mode. This way the inverter will act as an inverter without any battery connected (Grid - Tie PV inverter).

Charge First Mode

In charge first mode, PV power is supplied for battery charging first. After the battery is fully charged, the remaining PV power then feed-in to home load and grid. The battery will not discharge in this mode even if there is no PV power.

Special Modes

The Hybrid inverter has 3 special modes. These modes cannot be enabled by the user but are automatically enabled by the inverter under special circumstances.

Forced Charge Mode

The battery will stop any action when the state of charge (SOC) reaches 0%. This mode will force the battery to charge from the PV power and grid until the battery SOC reaches 30%. This is the only mode that the battery will charge from the grid.

Standalone Mode

During a power outage occurring the inverter will automatically change to standalone mode. At this time, the grid side is disconnected by the inverter and the home load is supported by the PV and battery as much as possible.