Hybrid R4 (P1+S4)

Hybrid R4 (P1+S4)

The Delta S4E is designed to work with the Delta RPI single phase Hybrid E5 Inverter to provide a local monitoring point for your solar system. It can be combined with the P1E to measure total household consumption and production.

S4E Set-Up


    The Delta S4 Smart Monitor.

System Setup Diagram

When connecting the inverter to the power monitor and the power meter set it up per the diagram below.

Setting up the power monitor and cable.

Operation Screens

Accessing Energy log, settings and other information.



  1. If the screen isn't turning on check the power connections and ensure power is at the terminals of the R4 screen.
  2. Check the baud rate on the E5 inverter via the menu's, ensure it is 19200 so it can communicate with the R4 screen.
  3. Enter service mode on the R4 screen and go to Setting -> Connections -> Tick the boxes for the connected equipment and save. Wait up to 3 minutes for the data to appear.
  4. Check at the top right of the screen, if there is a red cross on any device follow troubleshooting tip 3 to connect it. Check the RS485 connection to the device.


See the R4 Manual for further information on how to access service mode.



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