No Display

The ‘No Display’ issue is where the inverter doesn’t start up thus the screen goes blank and the inverter doesn’t generate power.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check the DC isolators underneath the inverter are on and in good condition. Also check the DC isolators on the roof are on and in good condition.
  2. If qualified, you can measure the PV Voc at the MC4 connectors using a multimeter. Also in addition, you can use a DC tong tester to measure the Isc whilst the DC side is connected and switched on. Take note of these values.

Please note: Delta Energy Systems warranty states that the only service fee that will be reimbursed is the one incurred when replacing an existing Inverter (to the value of $150 plus GST).


  • If the Voc is less than 150Vdc, the panels are not producing enough power to startup the inverter. Contact your solar installer for assistance.
  • If the Voc is greater than 150Vdc, the inverter is faulty. If under warranty, we will be happy to replace the inverter. For steps on how to lodge a Replacement Request, please click here. Please include at least the Voc voltage when submitting the Replacement Request.