PV Power Too Low

The PV power too low error message is displayed when the inverter is not receiving enough power from the PV array.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Press [] twice to exit the error message, then press [ESC] twice to get to the menu selection
  2. Using then using [] and [↓] navigate to the Now (N) menu and press [] to enter the now statistics
  3. On the screen of the inverter, while the error message is being displayed, use [] and [↓] to navigate to and take note of the ‘N -> PV Voltage Value’ and ‘N ->PV Current Value’


  • If the ‘N -> PV Voltage Value’ is less than 150V. — Your panels are not producing enough power, contact your solar installer for assistance.
  • If the ‘N -> PV Voltage Value’ is greater than 150V and the ‘N ->PV Current Value’ is 0A. — The inverter may be at fault, click here to submit a replacement request.