Synchronize to AC

Sync to AC occurs as a part of the normal start up procedure of the inverter. If, however, this is being displayed continuously or at time other than start up then follow the steps below:

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. On the screen of the inverter, while the error message is being displayed press enter twice to exit the error message. Then proceed to the day menu and down to the D → AC-Volt-Max-Value (V). Note this value. Press down and record the values for D → AC-Volt-Min-Value (V) as well.
  2.  Then repeat for D → AC-Freq-Max-Value (Hz) and  D → AC-Freq-Min-Value (Hz) making note of these values.


  • If the values are not within the ranges listed in the table below then contact your electricity provider as it may potentially be an issue with the grid.
  • If the values on the screen are within the range, while the error message is being displayed — Take a photo or video and submit a Return Request by clicking here (We will ask for these photos to process the request).