RPI Flex Training Videos (How to update your inverter)

The FW can be found on a white sticker on the front of the box (you will see DSP, COMM and Wi-FI) or seen via wireless P2P connection on the DeltaSolar App “Info” page HERE, (video titled “How to Monitor your inverter Offline when you don’t have Internet onsite”)

  1. Connect to the inverter Wi-Fi
  2. Turn off mobile data
  3. Sign in
  4. Manage devices
  5. Menu (top left) -> Setting -> Update
  6. Password: 4613
  7. Wait for the connection screen, when available select 4G/3G or a router with internet.
  8. Press next and wait
  9. Select your inverter model
  10. Select the FW type (typically COMM is what needs to be done for compatibility, DSP may give you access to additional grid codes)
  11. Press load hex file
  12. Press update inverter and wait until completion.
  13. Stay close to the inverter while updating (depending on the FW selected it can take ~3-8 mins)