DC1-100 Monitoring Gateway


DC1-100 Data Collector



The DC1-100 is a monitoring device which collects data from Delta solar inverters and P-Series power meters. This data is made available for access online via web browser at www.mydeltasolar.com.au for PC users and via MyDeltaSolar App available for Android and IOS for smartphone users. Smartphone users can also connect directly to the DC1 to access a local interface which can be used to comission and configure settings. Previously, all Delta RPI inverters would need to be connected to and comissioned separately. This device simplifies commissioning and maintenance of both existing and new Delta solar installations as the data and configuration settings of all inverters and meter can be accessed and configured via a single interface. For installers with many systems, fleet management is also available.

Data and settings can be accessed while the user is either,

  • On site – by connecting a phone directly to the DC1 wifi access point using the MyDeltaSolar app available for android and ios.
  • Via internet at www.mydeltasolar.com.au (if using a PC) or via the my-delta-solar app if using a smartphone.

The DC1 communicates with Delta solar inverters and power meters via RS-485 or wifi. If a compatible P-Series meter and inverter is installed, export limiting can be configured to comply with the soft limit requirements of AS/NZS 4777.1:2016, where inverters are power limited such that the amount of power being exported to the grid is limited to a value which is set by the user. An interface for a DRED device is also available on the DC1 which allows DRM signals to be applied if this is required by the local networks. See compatibility tab above to ensure that products have compatible firmware versions. Firmware upgrade instructions are in the manual available in the downloads tab, FW files are available for download in the downloads tab.

Physical Installation

NOTE ON LOCATION OF DC1-100 AND INVERTERS : The wifi connection between DC1-100 and inverters can remain stable if there is no more than 15m distance and a CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT between DC1-100 and inverters. Installing the DC1 with any conductive material or other obstructions between DC1-100 and inverters may result in,

  • The initial connection being able to be established between DC1-100 and inverters but spurious disconnection events afterward causing loss of production and monitoring.
  • The connection not being able to be established between DC1-100 and inverters.

If you need to install the DC1-100 inside a metal switchboard, we can recommend using antenna extensions which can be placed on the exterior switchboard (please inquire within on 03 8546 3080), however Delta Electronics Australia Accepts no responsibility for the results of the  DC1-100 and inverters disconnecting from one another if they are not installed as per the requirements above. 

DC1-100 Overview - Exploded Diagram

The physical connections and components of the DC1-100 are shown below. There is a DIN mounting clip on the back and the overall dimensions can be found in the manual available in the downloads tab above. The table provides an explanation of LED colours and flashing sequences.


Basic wiring - Example of Switchboard wiring diagram

The diagram below shows the DC1-100 connected to the P1E power meter via RS485. The meter is measuring power flowing through the incoming mains and providing this data to the DC1 which is power limiting the inverter in order to limit the amount of power exported to the grid. Please refer to the commissioning tab above to see how the installer would configure the DC1-100 and inverter using the app and make production and consumption data available to the customer online.

This drawing can be downloaded as a pdf from here - 401 -A2 - DC1-100 Data Management System


Application 1 - Example SLD for export limiting a single H5A

The installation below is an example of a RPI H5A with ~6.6kW of panels connected on a single phase property where export limiting is required. Please refer to the commissioning tab above to see how the installer would configure the DC1-100 and inverter using the app and make production and consumption data available to the customer online.

This drawing can be downloaded as a pdf from here -Download PDF - 400 -A2- 1xH5A Flex & 6.5kWp REC 295Wp

Application 2 - 2 x H5A inverters on a 2 phase installation with export limiting and phase interlocking

In many situations, it is required that no more than 5 kVA of unbalanced (or single phase) generation can be connected to the grid, otherwise current imbalance protection may be required. It is also required that if multiple single phase inverters are connected across different phases, if one inverter has a fault that causes it to stop working, the other inverter must also shut down. The diagram below shows how both of these requirements can be achieved on a 2 phase installation. A 5 kVA H5A is connected on each phase, a P3E meter with DC1 is installed at the connection point. see the comissioning tab above for a video on how the installer would use the MyDeltaSolar App and commission the system such that no more than 5kVA to be exported to the grid and enable the interlocking feature.

This drawing can be downloaded from WINAICO-2xH5A-A1-400 (2)



NOTE: Please ensure to update your DC1 to the latest FW version available before use. This can be done via the P2P screen in the "Maintenance" Menu. For any assistance do not hesitate to contact the service team on 03 8546 3080. 

P2P customer Instructions

The video below shows how the installer would use the MyDeltaSolar app to configure the commission a single RPI H5A and export limit the system such that the DC1 will power limit the inverter so that power is not exported to the grid.

The physical installation would be wired as shown in the Example "SLD for export limiting a single H5A" available in the "physical installation" tab above.

Note : If your network requires you to adjust volt var, volt-watt power quality modes and slow over-voltage protection settings, this needs to be configured BEFORE communication between the invetrers and DC1 is established as shown in the video below. Please refer to the document Volt Watt - VAR response Mode P3  for instructions on how to change these settings before watching the video.


If you are receiving a message saying that your internet connection is unstable

If you are installing a DC1 inside a metal enclosure, it can be difficult to get a signal from the home router to the DC1 antenna. If the app is indicating that the internet connection is unstable, this could be caused by the firmware in the DC1 or inverters being out of date. Please refer to the compatibility tab and make sure your equipment has at least the firmware versions shown in the compatibility tab (see below how to check this). Note that components must be power cycled after a firmware update. Please see the screencapture video below for how to update the firmware of the DC1-100 and Inverter.

If the problem persists, please either,

  • Install the DC1 outside the metal enclosure (in a plastic enclosure)
  • Mode the DC1 closer to the home router
  •  Install an antenna extension and antenna on the outside of the metal enclosure. Refer to the External antenna installation guide_rev1
    • To check firmware versions of the DC1 and Flex inverter, when connected directly to the DC1 in P2P mode, touch the menu button at the top left, then under the info tab:










The video below shows how to complete the DC1-100 and wifi based inverter firmware update process.


MyDeltaSolar App

  • The MyDeltaSolar app is constantly being updated and you should ensure that you upgrade to the latest version prior arriving on site.


  • Flex HX/HXA - The minimum firmware versions for current features are listed in the table below

Power Meter

  • P1E- The 7-9th digit of the serial number must be at least 172 (i.e. 172, 173,174,175 and above would be acceptable) example serial number - PPM P1E-000O2S1720000W0

Compatibility Table

***The M30A cannot be export limited using the DC1, this is a compatibility issue that Delta is working to resolve******





The firmware update process for the DC1 and inverter is as shown in the screen capture video below. Please always update this unit to the latest available.