DCWB Firmware Library

[DC wallbox FW] v01.39

[DC wallbox FW] v02.03

[DC wallbox FW] v2.05

1.For upgrade from older version to v02.05:

(check DA05_DCWB FW V2.03 update process instruction for information on how to bundle the firmware, please also read below if upgrading to v2.05)

Please follow this rule for upgrade with USB or OCPP backend.

  1. If only BA and CA need to be upgrade, please upgrade file 5505604248F and 5505604249F separately.
  2. If more than these two boards need to be upgrade, the files(Ba, Aux and Relay) except CA (5505604249F) can be bundled in a zip file “DCWB25kW.zip” and be upgraded together. After upgrading the bundled files then upgrade CA file individually.