S1E: R1E + P1E Power Monitor

The Delta R1E is designed to work with the Delta RPI Inverter range to provide a local monitoring point for your solar system. It can be combined with the P1E to measure total household consumption and production as well as enabling the zero-export function if required.

Additionally, a partial export function is available in the latest R1E FW (2.01). This is an aggregate export limitation that can be used in 3-phase and single phase applications.

The S1E should be connected according to the below diagram:

R1E Set-Up

The connector for the data cable and the R1E should attach as follows:
The connection between the communication card of the Inverter and the data cable should be as follows:

  • Ensure that the terminal switch is "ON" on the last Inverter in the chain.
  • If only one Inverter is installed at the site then terminal switch should be "ON".
  • If you have a P1E connected, similar to the above diagram, ensure that the terminal switch is in the "1" position and that the "terminal resistance port short" is wired as above.

P1E Set-Up

Common LED Explanations:

The power meter should be mounted to the wall as follows.

Setting up data communications.


  • RPI H3
  • RPI H3A
  • RPI H4A
  • RPI H5A
  • RPI M30A