Tips and Tricks (MyDeltaSolar Cloud)

When connecting a DC1/Delta Flex/Delta M-series to the cloud some points to keep in mind;

  1. Check the Signal strength of the home Wi-Fi router, this is a common cause of connectivity issues. We recommend -70dbm as a minimum, anything weaker and the connection may be unstable, if this is the case you may need a Wi-Fi extender (Wi-Fi strength can be checked with Wi-Fi strength apps found on the IOS and Google Play store).
  2. Don’t install the equipment in a metal box as it has Wi-Fi communication, if needed you can source an external antenna for the DC1.
  3. Check the Wi-Fi router’s internet connection, this can be done by connecting to the customers Wi-Fi on your phone (remember to turn off your mobile data to be sure you are using the Wi-Fi’s internet) opening an internet browser and searching. If you are finding the signal quality is poor/slow you may need a Wi-Fi extender.
  4. Make sure the inverters Firmware is up to date for connecting to the cloud (See if its up to date by looking HERE)
  5. Make sure that the inverter is not connected to any other devices apart from the phone used for commissioning. Multiple devices connected to the same inverter can cause Wi-Fi dropouts as the connection swaps between the devices. The inverter can only connect to one device at a time.
  6. The inverter/DC1 can only connect to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. (Turn band steering “OFF” on your router)
  7. If you have just successfully connected the inverter to the cloud, please wait up to ~5-15mins to begin seeing data populate on the cloud.
  8. If the inverter has disconnected from the router because the router was moved, it will automatically reconnect when the router is moved back in range. If it isn’t reconnecting, please reboot the inverter by switching the AC and DC OFF and waiting for the LED’s on the inverter to turn OFF. Once OFF, turn AC and DC back ON again, this will reboot the Wi-Fi module and it will reconnect to the router with the settings it had previously (SSID and password). Ensure that the router is in range and has internet connectivity.
  9. A good method of setup when using a H5A_222 with CT is to connect to the Wi-Fi of the inverter, turn mobile data off, and sign in P2P (manage devices) to the inverter. This will prompt the country code selection and in the “Setting” menu you can turn the internal meter “ON”. The P2P home screen will allow you to check the production, consumption, feed-in, and purchased all at once so you can check that the inverter is operating and measuring data as expected. You can also refer to tip number 4 (above) and perform a FW update in this menu if needed.
  10. If you see a Delta Wi-Fi with a “-1”, “-2” etc at the end of its Wi-Fi SSID, this means it is connected to a router (the number after the “-” is the inverter ID). If you are connecting your phone to an inverter Wi-Fi while the inverter is communicating with a router you may encounter Wi-Fi dropouts when it sends data to the router. At this time please reconnect to the inverter.
  11. Iphone, “Unable to connect” message when directly connecting to the inverter Wi-Fi in phones Wi-Fi settings. After each listed step try reconnecting, Forget network of inverter on phone, Reset Inverter Wi-Fi module (hold button above LED’s for 20sec), Reboot Inverter, Reboot phone, Reset phone network settings (HERE is Apple support page regarding this IOS issue), Reinstall APP.
  12. The cloud destination ports are as per below, please ensure that the router is not blocking them.
    IP Address Destination Port TCP: 80 TCP: 443 WebSocket: 8080

If you are having any further issues don’t hesitate to call our support line on 03 8546 3080.