Delta Commissioning Instructions

Below devices are compatible with the DeltaSolar APP

H5A_222/H5A_221/211, BX6.3AC/BX12.6AC, M6A/M10A with Wi-Fi card, DC1-100 (Data Collector), H8E/H10E, M30A_230

If you have a BX6.3 battery with/without a Solar Inverter or DC1 click the BX6.3 image below for instructions on commissioning:

Below is the Legacy APP Guides for H5A_222/221, M6A/M10A and DC1, all new setup can be done via the new DeltaSolar APP following the same process as above in the battery setup. The older MyDeltaSolar APP is still available for use in the below processes.

Legacy APP (MyDeltaSolar) : If you have a DC1 with a three/single phase Delta inverter, please click on the DC1 image below:

Legacy APP (MyDeltaSolar): If you only have a Delta Wi-Fi inverter onsite, please click on the inverter image below: