Delta H5A_222 FAQ (Legacy APP v1.29)

For content on the current APP (released 1/09/2020) please see the commissioning guides HERE

If you would like to revert to using the previous commissioning process don’t hesitate to download the APK HERE (click the link while on your Android phone to start the download). If using IOS please let us know your icloud account and we can share the APP via the “Test Flight” APP which you will have to download from the APP store.

Please note that any bugs associated with this version may have been resolved in the latest version.

APP v1.29 Archive information

End Customer Questions

How do i create an account on MyDeltaSolar so my installer can share a plant with me?

See how to do this HERE

I changed my router password, how do i reconnect my inverter to the internet?

See how to reconnect your inverter to the internet HERE. (remember the default password to the Wi-Fi is: DELTASOL )

I have empty plants on my account that say “No Inverter”, how do i delete them?

See our training videos page on how to do this HERE

Alternatively see instructions HERE 

I dont have a router nearby to monitor my inverter online, how can i see what it is doing?

See how to connect to you inverter with a smart device directly HERE.

Installer Questions

Should i setup and commission all my customers inverters to my installer account?

Yes, if you set your customers up on your installer account you can view the plant and assist customers in the event of any problems proactively. Once setup on your account, advise the customer to create an account on the MyDeltaSolar app (how to do this HERE) and you can share the plant across to your customer (See how to do this HERE). You only need the email address of the customers account to share the plant across.

I have setup a customers inverter on my installer account, how do i share the plant across to the end customer?

See how to do this HERE

I have a MyDeltaSolar account, how do i commission an inverter to the cloud?

See how to do this HERE

I don’t have a MyDeltaSolar account, how do i set this up and commission an inverter to the cloud?

See how to do this HERE

I have the optional CT clamp, How do i turn on the Internal meter to see consumption monitoring?

See how to turn it on HERE

How do i change grid settings? (installers only)

See HERE for basic settings and HERE for information on how to change Volt-Watt and Volt-Var settings via DSS.

How do i turn on/off export limiting? (installers only)

See HERE for the procedure

Do I need to update the firmware in my inverter and how do i update the firmware in my inverter? (installers only)

See HERE for the update procedure. Go to step 6 and check the “Info” tab to see what FW is currently on the device. You can also check the sticker on the box the inverter came in which shows the DSP and COMM version.

The H5A_222 minimum FW for cloud commissioning is DSP: 2.00 and COMM: 2.04. If the COMM FW is at least 2.04 it has the latest security patch, if the patch is required you can also use the CA update app (dedicated app for updating the COMM FW) to update the COMM FW HERE

What do the LED’s mean on my inverter?

Grid: -Green light flickering quickly, Inverter is awaiting grid code to connect

-Flashing 1sec on/off, inverter in countdown (60 seconds before connection)

-Solid green light, inverter is on grid

Wi-Fi: When illuminated inverter is transmitting data via Wi-Fi, (LED will remain off until a device connects to it)

Alarm: -If red light is a steady “ON” check the error logs on the “History” tab via P2P menu or the error logs on the cloud. Remember to take a screenshot if technical assistance is required.

-If red light is “OFF” there is no alarm

-If red light is flashing there is an insulation fault (earth fault on array).